Dragon Restoration-Book Feature (12 Days of Christmas)

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Dragon Restoration-Book Feature (12 Days of Christmas)
There’s a darkness rising in Bleasoria. The White Queen has dispatched her best soldiers to handle it and to protect her people from whatever the menace is. The magic of her sword eludes her, and one night it disappears completely. The next day, so do the troops she sent to the west. In Isloya, a boy finds a sword and develops powers almost overnight. His only instructor is the ghost of a druid as all of the druids were killed generations ago. He’s tasked with bringing the old ways back to the world before it is too late. In Ayeon, a young woman discovers a sword that carries life and death with it. She now has the power to free her fellow slaves and to reclaim their lives. In the south, a young man discovers a pendant that gives him the ability to read minds. This can only help him survive on the streets of the city of Migou where he will rise to power, ruling over the street rats and all of the city’s underground. On the Widow’s Coast, in the White Queen’s lands, a young woman discovers a rare, multi-colored dragon egg. And she hatches it, something only the royals are supposed to be able to do. And with that dragon comes a sword, the White Queen’s sword. Separate, all of these things are small. Intriguing, but small. Together, however, they are the harbinger of great change and imminent peril. The swords give each of them a power, a power they need for their own individual gain. But they also carry a hefty price. And only when they come together, along with the other dozen swords, will they be able to rise together and stop the darkness from spreading. And overtaking their entire world.

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