Deal of the Day **KINGSTON**

Deal of the Day **KINGSTON**

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Everyone knows his name.
Everyone knows what he does.
No one dares and those who do, pay.

When Kingston Ward, the self-made drug lord, and notorious nightclub owner walks into a room, heads turn.
Hearts beat quicker… with fear, hate, and lust.

He bows to no one… except for Cecille James.
She’s the only one who can bring him to his knees.

When she goes missing, the writing on the wall is clear.
Is he willing to sacrifice his reputation and submit to his enemies to save her or will Cecille’s blood drip from his hands?

KINGSTON is a steamy fast-paced short story with mafia themes. Book 1 in the Kingsmen series that will leave you craving for more. If you love romance mixed with exciting moments, amazing banter, you’re bound to enjoy this book. Start reading it today!


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