Academy for Misfit Witches-Book Feature (12 Days of Christmas)

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Serah clung tightly to Ladon’s neck, resting on top of him while the sea foam tickled their legs. Loathe though she was to leave the safety of his arms, they had to get back. Reluctantly she sat up, ignoring his erection poking her buttocks.

“We should go. Your fathers might have news.”

“Wait.” He sat up and shared wide-eyed looks with his brothers, and she knew they were speaking telepathically.

“Hey!” She swatted him.

“No secrets.” Teju knelt beside her, drawing a heart in the sand. “We want you to be ours for all eternity.” Her hand flew to her throat and her heart skipped a beat.

“You mean that?” Legs braced apart, Draque stood above her, blocking the setting sun.

“Yes.” His voice was as rough as sandpaper. He turned away, giving her a glimpse of a strong, determined jaw. She squinted at him, wondering why it looked like he was hiding something.

“I’ll think about it.”

“How long will you think?” He balled his hands into fists.

“I didn’t know my heart was on a deadline,” she snapped. The guy was on edge, but why? His brothers eyed her expectantly. Jeez. They’d just met!

“We want you, Serah. But more than that, we want to keep you safe. We can’t lose you to that madman.” She groaned.

“Why do you insist my grandfather is guilty before giving him a chance to explain?” He has never been loving to you, Serah, and he loathes me,Thelix said. Hating the truth that rang in her siren’s words, she flinched and didn’t respond.

“He will send for you when he finds out you’re with us,” Draque said. “He may have already done so.”

“Which is why I need to get back.” Jumping to her feet, she brushed sand off her legs, wriggling uncomfortably when she felt the tiny, abrasive grains chafing her crotch. Damn, she suddenly remembered why she didn’t like beach sex. She stomped into the water to shift and swim back to The Grotto and hopefully wash out the sand. Draque jerked her toward him.

“Serah, don’t pull away from us.” Breath swooshed from her lungs. His bare chest, solid and warmed by the sun, enticed her senses. His scent enveloped her, a mix of musk, sulfur, and sea salt that set her pheromones on high alert. Why did he have to be so virile and tempting? “I’m not pulling away.”

Liar, Thelix jeered. He traced a path down her cheek with calloused knuckles, his voice dropping to a sultry whisper.

“You are.” Forcing herself to ignore her siren’s lust, she turned up her chin.

“I’m going to hear him out. It’s the least I can do after all he’s done for me. Then I will make my decision.” Draque’s eyes shifted to brilliant gold, his voice dropping to a dragon’s rumble.

“He’ll turn you against us.” There was no use arguing.

“He’ll try.” He caved inward, like a dam breaking under a deluge.

“He’ll make you choose.” Her heart fell, and she turned away. “I know.”

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